Lip lift or lip enhancement in Charlotte, NC

Lip lift or lip enhancement – Charlotte, NC

Lip augmentation and lifts

With Hollywood stars openly talking about the lip enhancements they have used, you may be wondering if you should try it. Two types of cosmetic lip surgery are lip augmentation and the lip lift. An experienced plastic surgeon can tell you which one will work in your case.

An injectable filler can be used if your lips only need to be made to look slightly fuller. The procedure requires a little topical anaesthetic before the injection, and the swelling wears off after one or two days. In other cases, lip augmentation may mean a dermal allograft. This is a procedure in which donated skin tissue is transplanted. The cells are removed from the tissue, leaving behind the collagen of the dermis. If you receive a dermal allograft, it will take several days before you can return to work, but the dermis will become a part of your own tissue.

A lip lift is a different operation. It corrects the balance between the upper and lower lips. In a lip lift, the surgeon makes a gull-wing-shape incision under the nose, removing excess skin and tightening the muscles, which brings out the upper lip and creates the appearance of fuller lips. In most cases, this can be done in the office, with minimal sedation.

Charlottes most experienced facial plastic surgeon to go for lip enhancement

The best plastic surgeon to go to for lip enhancement in Charlotte is Dr. Sean Freeman. Since 1988 he has devoted himself completely to facial plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic facial procedures, including lip augmentation and lifts, and has earned a reputation as the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte. Call his office or request an online consultation for a discount on the consultation fee.