Lip lift or Lip enhancement in Charlotte, NC

Lip lift – Charlotte, NC

Two kinds of lip enhancement

Two common types of lip enhancement are lip augmentation and lip lifts. To make your lips a little fuller, the surgeon injects them with body fat or another filler. In a dermal allograft, the surgeon transplants dermal collagen into your lips. You’ll recover faster from a filler injection — the swelling wears off after one or two days. The advantage of a dermal allograft is that it’s permanent. Ask your facial plastic surgeon for more details.

A lip lift doesn’t add volume to the lips, but balances the upper and lower lips in cases where the upper lip is a little too narrow. The goal is for the upper lip to take up about a third of the space between the base of the nose and the tip of the chin. To do this, the surgeon makes a gull-wing-shape incision under the nose, removing excess skin and tightening the muscles, which brings out the upper lip and creates the appearance of fuller lips. Don’t put on makeup until the visible sutures have been taken out, which will be done in five or six days. There should be no visible scarring.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon

The best plastic surgeon to go to for lip enhancement in Charlotte is Dr. Sean Freeman. Since 1988 he’s only done facial plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic facial procedures, including lip augmentation and lifts, and has earned a reputation as the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte. Call his office today.