You might have to follow some basic instructions given by your surgeon just before the surgery. For instance, you might have to stop smoking and some habit at least for a few days. You might have some stop some medication too before the surgery. You should keep your hair in shape. Here are some things you need to learn for brow lift and forehead lift.

On the day of the surgery, the preoperative nurse will inspect and ensure everything that is needed is in order. The nurse will prepare you and make sure you are in the best form. The doctor will place you under some medication to ensure you sleep during the whole process. The surgery should take a couple of hours, and you may return home the same or the following day. Your surgeon will advise on the best time to be discharged. You should find someone that could stay with you, drive and spend a day or two with you.

Your recovery time will depend on the type of brow lift surgery you did. You should expect a slight bruises. Your stitches or staples should be removed in about a week. Always try to keep your head elevated and place an ice pack. Your surgeon will write a painkiller and some prescription for you. Ensure you follow all the medication guidelines. Expect tingling, itching, and numbness as side effects but will only last for a short period.

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