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Charlotte’s brow lift surgery experts explain what you need to know

Charlotte’s brow lift surgery experts explain what you need to know

Charlotte’s brow lifts surgery experts discuss the procedure

Charlotte’s brow lift surgery experts insist patients understand the procedure before committing. Your brow and forehead are the first places that exhibit aging signs. A forehead lift, otherwise called a brow lift, will raise the brows to remove forehead wrinkles and scale down frown lines. Sometimes, it enhances the upper eye’s appearance, corrects sagging brows, and tones deep furrows between the eyes.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

Your plastic surgeon will start with a careful analysis of your face. This helps identify where gravity has caused pulling or sagging and where volume has been lost. The forehead lift surgery aims to replace lost volume and carefully pull specific areas for a youthful and more rested appearance. The surgery is endoscopic and is a minimally invasive procedure done in the operating room that incorporates small incisions hidden within the hair. Fiberoptic equipment is used in gently releasing and elevating the tissue of the brows. Most patients experience minimal bruising with a faster healing period than the classic approach.

Segmental Brow Lift
Dr. Freeman performs Endoscopic brow lifts with a Segmental Approach. He spends time with each patient and then selects the approach that best fits the patient’s needs. He also teaches this approach to other doctors around the world. His approach has also been called the “Goldilocks brow lift.”

What should I expect after a brow lift?

  • Pain

Your surgeon will prescribe medication, although this procedure has minimal pain.

  • Some degree of swelling and bruising

Your surgeon may instruct you to utilize cold compresses to minimize the swelling.

  • Coming off of wound dressing

If your surgeon applied a dressing to any area immediately after the procedure, this could come off in one to two days.

  • Removal of the drainage tube

Your surgeon can place a drainage tube during surgery. It will be removed on the first or second day after the procedure.

The surgeon will also advise you to keep the head elevated as you lie down, avoid as much activity as you can, and report any unusual discomfort.


Your recovery period should take two to three weeks, with most patients resuming work in two weeks. It’s not easy to notice the scars once adequate time has passed for them to mature. Still, the surgeon can make sure the scars follow the patterns of your natural skin creases and are hidden by the hair. Makeup can help minimize the appearance of a persisting scar until complete healing is achieved.

Choose Charlotte’s brow lift surgery experts

Charlotte’s brow lift surgery experts can holistically approach facial cosmetic procedures to harmonize all the areas of the face and its proportions. This makes it important to work with a highly-experienced, certified professional. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only FacesCharlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.