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Will a Charlotte NC facial plastic surgeon do a mini tuck?

Will a Charlotte NC facial plastic surgeon do a mini tuck?

When will a plastic surgeon advise against facelifts?

A facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC won’t just perform the procedure for the money. They have a reputation, and the quickest way to lose this is by doing something, which isn’t conducive.


With the increase in surgical procedures, surgeons such as Dr. Freeman are developing their techniques. Therefore, they are serious about what they do.


If you are considering facial plastic surgery, read on to find why Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon often advises against a deep plane facelift.


What results will a mini tuck deliver?

If you recently experienced a droop around the jaw, line or you are losing facial definition. You may have decided that you wish to restore your appearance so that you may be a probable candidate for a mini tuck procedure.


You can chat with an expert on the procedure and learn the fundamentals. You can accomplish this during your initial consultation with Dr. Freeman. He can show you hundreds of before and after photos where he has helped other patients restore their youthful appearance.


What can I expect in a mini tuck in Charlotte NC?

In the most basic form, there will be incisions around the ears. The level of sedation required is something Dr. Freeman, the best facial plastic surgeon in the region, and the patient discuss.


Once he has made these incisions, he will pull the skin and muscle backward, so they become tightened. Once this step has been done, he will then use sutures to close the incisions before wrapping the areas where the operating regions are located.


What happens after a mini tuck?

A mini-tuck is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can return home on the same day. You will contact Dr. Freeman the following day to re-wrap the bandages.


You can experience bruising, swelling, and tenderness for anywhere from seven to ten days. The sutures used to seal the incisions surrounding the ears are removed in a follow-up appointment about ten days after the procedure. Dr. Freeman, who is double board-certified, prescribes med’s to aid in a quicker, less painful and more comfortable recovery.


As with your initial consultation, he will recommend that you avoid smoking after the procedure to prevent complications. This may be for a few months, so it may be an ideal time to stop smoking.


Patient care is needed for Charlotte NC plastic surgery

Patient care is at the top of the list for Dr. Freeman; he didn’t become Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon without delivering the best care and the best results possible. With his countless years of experience, a mini tuck is easy to perform procedure.


To find if this simple plastic surgery procedure is the right one for you, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.


If there is no reason for a deep plane facelift, then the best facial plastic surgeon won’t advise you have one. He will advise on facial plastic surgery that will deliver the best results for you.