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Top facial plastic surgery in Charlotte, NC: how to prepare for a facelift

Top facial plastic surgery in Charlotte, NC: how to prepare for a facelift

Top facial plastic surgery preparation steps

Top facial plastic surgery should only be done by someone you trust. If you want the very best, you need to do your research in Charlotte NC.  Getting ready for a facial plastic surgery procedure can be overwhelming and scary. It’s common to feel some level of anxiety even when you are confident that the results will look fantastic and improve your quality of life.


Top facial plastic surgery procedures are elective, and most patients will have questions and concerns about what they can do to prepare for the surgery and the recovery process.


If you are considering scheduling your first procedure or have already confirmed an appointment, here are some tips for preparing for your facial plastic surgery experience.


Preparing for your procedure

While each procedure will vary, here are some helpful tips to prepare you for your surgery.


Get medical clearance: Before any procedure can begin, you will need to have a physical exam completed by your regular doctor stating that you are healthy and cleared for plastic surgery. The exam should be performed at least one month before the procedure. It is vital for you to be in good health to lower any possible risks of complications that can take place during your surgery.


Learn about the procedure: Be sure to do enough research ahead of time to ensure that you are prepared for your procedure and its outcome. Your surgeon will be the best source of information about the procedure, so don’t be shy to ask as many questions as possible and get clarification about anything that you do not fully understand.


Set realistic expectations: Having realistic expectations for both the day of your procedure and the outcome afterward will be critical to a successful procedure. On the day of your surgery, speak with your surgeon about what to expect the day of the procedure. Following your surgery, you may have a recovery period to go through, depending on your specific procedure, before you can enjoy the results. It will be vital to be realistic about the transformation that you will go through.


Avoid or stop doing certain things: If you smoke, you will need to stop smoking at least two weeks before your surgery to avoid complications such as an infection. Smoking will also decrease your blood flow, which can cause a heart attack or stroke. It would help if you also stopped drinking alcohol 72 hours before the day of your procedure. To avoid excessive bleeding, you should not take any aspirin or aspirin products two weeks before your surgery; these medicines can thin your blood.


Keep a healthy lifestyle: 2-4 weeks before the surgery, you should start maintaining a healthy weight and diet. It is not advised to start an aggressive diet before the surgery because good nutrition and a stable weight will be necessary for a proper recovery.


Top facial plastic surgery in Charlotte, NC: feeling comfortable

Choosing to have top facial plastic surgery may bring on feeling a little anxious as the date of your surgery approaches. Having your procedure done by a knowledgeable professional will mean that you have nothing to worry about, and you will be taken care of every step of the way.


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