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Top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC: Neck Lift 101

Top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC: Neck Lift 101

Top facial plastic surgeon: everything you need to know about a neck lift

A top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC area knows that your skin will start to show your age with wrinkles and sagging. Since nobody can change the way that they age, people can start to search for ways to look younger and improve the appearance of their skin.


This can be accomplished through a number of different facial plastic surgeries depending on what part of your face that you are looking to improve. One popular area that many people look to improve is the neck. There are a variety of reasons why someone will consider a neck lift, the most popular reason being the removal of excess skin from the neck in order to provide a slimmer, smoother, and more youthful neck.


What is a neck lift?

Also known as a platysmaplasty, a neck lift is performed to create a smoother, slimmer-looking neck and a more defined jawline. The procedure removes excess fat, lifts and smooths sagging skin, and tightens your platysma muscles, which gets rid of issues such as horizontal banding, double chin, “turkey neck”, and wrinkling, to give your jawline and neck a youthful look.


On its own, a neck lift procedure can achieve dramatic results, however, it is also often performed alongside a brow lift, facelift, chin implants, or other facial procedures in order to create the greatest results.


What to expect during a neck lift

Since a neck lift is a surgical procedure, you can expect to have anesthesia of some kind for the procedure and you should expect to spend some time to recover afterward.


A small cut is made beneath the chin during the surgery in a natural crease so it will not be seen. The spot where the incision is made will vary among women and men because of men’s facial hair. The skin will then be taken off of the underlying soft tissue and re-draped. Excess skin is then removed to allow younger-looking, tighter skin. When the procedure is over the incisions are then wrapped in dressing in order to reduce any swelling. The procedure can take between two to five hours.


The end results will vary from person to person, but those with a well-defined bone structure and good skin will often have the most success. Sometimes other procedures will be recommended after a neck lift to achieve the best look possible.


What is the recovery time?

Within two weeks after surgery, most patients can start their normal activities. Some bruising and swelling around the neck are normal, there may also be a tight feeling around the neck for a few weeks or more, which can vary for each patient.


Top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC: post-procedure

Your top facial plastic surgeon will recommend that you enlist help from a family member or friend to take you home and monitor your recovery for a few days after the procedure. Be sure to consult with your doctor about the details of your specific post-procedure care.


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