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Facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC debunks chin implant myths

Facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC debunks chin implant myths

Facial plastic surgery doctor talks about the most common myths about chin implants

Facial plastic surgery doctor says it is important to have all of the facts when considering any plastic surgery procedure, including chin augmentation with an implant. You can end up worrying excessively about treatment or prevent yourself from realizing the benefits of chin implants due to misinformation and mistruths.


It’s easy to be misled when it comes to plastic surgery and related procedures in the age of information overload. There is always going to be a myth or two lying around no matter how many patients post positive reviews about their experience with chin augmentation.


To help anyone decide if a procedure like chin enhancement is the right choice getting to the truth can help.


Myth #1 – facial implants are unhealthy, dangerous, and hazardous

There is a myth out there that the materials that are used to make chin and other facial implants are dangerous to the patient’s health. They say that prolonged exposure to an internal synthetic could harm the body over time. Since modern technologies have been used to design biocompatible material that has been proven safe for years inside the human body. So, of course, it must be safe to have a chin implant as they are intended to stay in place for the patient’s lifetime.


Myth #2 – chin implants usually look obvious

Assumptions that implants are a “one-size-fits-all” stems from the belief that chin implants look very unnatural and obvious. In fact, to suit a diverse range of patients, chin implants come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and projections. An implant can be as small or as big as the patient wants it.


Myth #3 – Chin implants are only for men

Although men do experience more social pressure to have a more defined chin, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Women can benefit from this just as much. With a chin implant, you don’t have to worry about looking too masculine.


Myth #4 – There is a long and grueling recovery

In fact, recovery from a chin implant is quick and easy, it has one of the shortest recovery periods. During the recovery process, you will be bandaged for a few days and will have to stick to a softer diet, other than that there is a minimal impact on your daily life. You can expect to return to your normal life within a week as swelling and pain are normally minimal and easily controlled.


Myth #5 – Chin augmentation is a risky surgery

Facial surgeries today involve far fewer risks than ever before, thanks to advances in science, tech, and surgical techniques. Chin implant surgery has a notably low risk for complications and many of which are quite mild in severity.


Facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC

Facial plastic surgery doctors suggest that you consult with Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon to learn more about chin augmentation.


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