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Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon explains why deep plane facelift is a great approach

Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon explains why deep plane facelift is a great approach

Best facial plastic surgeon can help you get superior results

Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon recommends revision procedures for people who are not satisfied with initial procedures. People get revision facelifts or secondary facelifts for a variety of reasons. No of the cause, a deep plane facelift, particularly an extended deep plane facelift, is the best course of action. If you are uncertain about anything regarding your face or neck, consult a board-certified facial plastic surgeon.

There is no facelift method that can reverse aging. Because of this, the age-related changes in the face that were corrected with a facelift frequently take years to manifest. Compared to patients who have deep plane facelift surgery, patients who have older facelift techniques frequently experience a return of loose skin, muscle, and fat much sooner (i.e., several years earlier). Many patients would like a second operation to fix what has dropped again even though they were happy with the outcomes of their first facelift.

Some people believe the outcomes of their facelift did not sufficiently address the indicators of facial aging that concern them. Inadequate facelifting of the neck can leave skin and muscle that hangs severely and persistently. With the extended deep plane facelift, the neck can be precisely addressed more effectively. When the jawline is partially addressed but the cheeks are not, facelift techniques that are not deep plane techniques do not lift the cheeks, which can cause the face to look unnatural. Many surgeons fill the face with a lot of fat to hide the absence of a cheek lift. However, leaving the drooping volume in an awkward position while adding extra volume, can alter the natural appearance of the cheeks.

Other people have poor cosmetic outcomes that cause their faces to look deformed and unnatural. People who get a facelift using less-than-deep plane procedures are much more likely to develop numerous problems. First, because there is a lot of tension on the skin, there is a higher chance of poor healing and aberrant scarring at the incision sites. Second, they have a higher chance of developing a pixie ear deformity, in which the earlobe adheres to one side of the face and spreads outward as the wounds heal. Thirdly, they have a higher chance of seeming “windswept” or unusually stretched horizontally, which gives them a purse-string appearance that ties at the jawline.

After every facelift treatment, the tissue beneath the skin is severely scarred. As a result, the skin’s blood supply is less strong than it was before the operation. A deep plane facelift is preferable to a secondary facelift because it preserves thicker, healthier tissue when elevated and more of the surgical procedure takes place in previously unaffected areas of the face, making it safer to do.

Work with Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon

Deep plane facelift can help you achieve the desired results. Work with the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC for the best results.

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