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Best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC: How implants improve facial deficiencies

Best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC: How implants improve facial deficiencies

Best facial plastic surgeon: how can facial implants improve your facial features?

The best facial plastic surgeon in the Charlotte NC area can help patients feel and look their best with many procedures, using the latest in state-of-the-art materials and technology. Many patients look for their help because having a face that is perfectly symmetrical with contours that are well-defined is a gift that is rarely received from nature. A surgeon will use implants because they are designed to not only improve specific contours of the face but also to provide a gentle lift to the surrounding tissues to provide a more youthful and attractive look.


Facial implants are commonly used in the cheeks and chin; however, the effects can be seen to enhance the entire structure of the face. Facial implants have plenty of benefits and applications in more ways than you probably realize, even though they aren’t as widely discussed as other facial surgery procedures.


What is a facial implant?

During plastic surgery, a facial implant is a special prosthetic that is placed into the face to provide more definition of specific areas of the face such as the cheeks or chin. This is done to address certain deficiencies in the face and help to achieve symmetry. Facial implants can be used to add volume to the face and address any disproportions that may be negatively impacting your facial contours and overall appearance.


Why is it performed?

A surgeon may recommend an implant if you are looking to improve the look of your face for cosmetic reasons or as a way to reconstruct facial features.


A facial implant will only be considered by a doctor if other options which have fewer risks of complications are not appropriate or have not worked for you already. When considering facial implants, you should be healthy, not smoke, and have a realistic expectation of improvement and not perfection.


What are the benefits of a facial implant?

Imperfections of underlying facial structure, including the bones and muscles, will be more visible than any other area of your body because the skin on your face is naturally thin. Hollowness and sagging skin can be reduced by facial implants because they allow you to build up any specific areas of your face and provide more balance and contours that are more noticeable. Also, facial implants are used to ensure balance and harmony in the face.


Best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC: how long will the results last?

The best facial plastic surgeon will inform you before the procedure that the implants are essentially permanent. Implants can fracture due to facial trauma or during normal activity. They can become infected on occasion. However, these problems after the procedure are very uncommon. Most patients can experience a lifetime of improvement after a facial implant procedure.


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