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Best facial plastic surgeon and surgeries performed in Charlotte, NC.

Best facial plastic surgeon and surgeries performed in Charlotte, NC.

Best facial plastic surgeon offers excellent facial plastic surgeries that are beneficial for the entire look and appearance. For instance, they help remove loose skin and wrinkles, re-sculpt lost muscle tone, and improve self-confidence. There are so many positive effects of getting the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC. Facial plastic surgeries enhance health and wellness. For instance, the nose job helps improve your breathing in general. An improved level of breath enables you to deal with specific issues like sleep apnea, which is related to the blockage of the nasal airway.

Primarily, facial plastic surgeries restructure the shape of the face, usually the nose, and eyes. Asides from the physical benefits of facial surgeries, there are also lovely psychological benefits. When you have beautiful facial features, you tend to feel better about yourself. Consequentially, you are more confident to relate with people around you due to an improved state of mind. It also has positive sides when talking about depression and anxiety. However, these mental health problems may not go entirely due to cosmetic surgery, but there will undoubtedly be a level of improvement.

Common types of facial plastic surgeries and their benefits

  • Facelift: Facelift involves removing excess fat from the face and the tightening of the facial muscles. Also, facelift deals with the skin stretching on the front to make it look better and firmer. Typically, this surgical procedure takes place on the neck or the face, sometimes both places.


  • Eyelift: The eyelift is a surgical procedure meant to help re-shape the eyelids due to sagging. The best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC, should remove excess fat, skin, and muscle from both the lower and upper eyelids. When there’s excess skin on the upper eyelid, it causes a certain level of difficulty seeing. It also gives a tired appearance. On the other hand, the lower eyelid also gives you a worn-out look due to loose skin, bulging, and irregular shapes.


  • Nose job: The best facial plastic surgeon does nose jobs for a variety of reasons. Like other facial surgeries, a nose job helps improve the entire facial balance. However, this surgery also has a lot of health advantages in Charlotte, NC. First, the nose job is excellent at dealing with nasal obstruction, leading to further complicated health problems directly or indirectly. Second, they generally help improve sleep. Poor sleep is linked to various conditions like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.


  • Browlift: The browlift, like the name implies, removes excess skin from the muscles around the forehead area. Also, it helps tighten the skin around that same area. Most times, the surgical procedure is performed alongside the facelift.


Getting the very best facial plastic surgery in Charlotte, NC

Facial plastic surgeries like nose jobs, eyelifts, browlifts, and facelifts are all essential for improving the face’s look and health benefits. However, you must get the best facial plastic surgeon to help give the best services. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon to find which the best procedure for you is, and how to proceed.