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Get an eyelift in Charlotte from the top facial plastic surgeon

Get an eyelift in Charlotte from the top facial plastic surgeon

Eyelift is a type of surgery done on the eyelids—it is also called by in Charlotte, NC as blepharoplasty. The surgery removes excess skin from your upper eyelids. Then for the lower eyelids, it removes bagginess.


Why is Eyelift done?

Older people mostly do Eyelift. It improves eyesight defects that come from the sagging upper eyelids. As you grow older, the skin also becomes old. It is unavoidable. The aging of the skin reduces the elasticity of the eyelids. The lack of elasticity, coupled with the effect of gravity on the upper eyelid, makes its dropdown. The drop can block vision. The lower lids also become wrinkled.


Upper Eyelid surgery

The upper eyelid surgery, as mentioned earlier, is used to improve vision. Apart from that, some people are very much conscious of their looks. Eyelift gives aged individuals a more youthful look.


Lower Eye Lid surgery

The lower eyelid surgery directs more to removing wrinkles. It also corrects the sagging of the eyes for a more presentable appearance.


Benefits of Eye Lifts

  • Eyelift gives you improved vision. Removal of bagginess and sagging in the eyelids helps you to see well.
  • You get a smoother forehead. As weird as it sounds, yes! It does—time to say goodbye to those forehead wrinkles.
  • Brighter eyes: Sagging of eyelids dulls the looks of your eyes. Clearing those sagginess gives you a better look. You would even like the way your eyes appear.
  • Youthful look. Some people judge how old you might be just from the looks of your eyes. However, removing those excess skin will glow up your appearance. That aging look will disappear.
  • Your migraines will reduce. Unconsciously, the heaviness of the eyelid contributes to those migraines you are having. Eyelift would lessen the intensity of that migraine.
  • Eyelid surgery is not too expensive. For the value, it is worth it.
  • Quick recovery. The swift recovery process from the surgery. A few days, you are up and running.


Complications of eye lifts.

Only professionals should do your surgery. That is why you have to go for the best in Charlotte, NC. If the operation is terrible, it has adverse effects. Some complications are;

  • Bleeding: if the doctor takes out unnecessary parts of your eyelid, it can receive in bleeding. As you try to blink, the skin available for folding in and out is not enough.
  • Abnormal Folding of eyelid skin: If the doctor cuts too little of your eyelids, it folds irregularly. Honestly, it is not a pleasant sight to behold.
  • Loss of vision: This is the worst of them all. Although it is a rare case scenario, it is possible. You have to be careful when choosing eye lift clinics in Charlotte, NC.


Getting Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon.

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