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Charlotte’s best eyelift surgeon explains tips for faster recovery

Charlotte’s best eyelift surgeon explains tips for faster recovery

Charlotte’s best eyelift surgeon can help you recover faster after a procedure

Charlotte’s best eyelift surgeon understands the need to get back to work faster. You can get ready for a speedy recovery by being aware of what to anticipate. Bleeding, scarring, infection, irritability, revision, and dry eyes are the most typical side effects of blepharoplasty surgery.

Using an ice pack

Make sure you have cozy cold packs and enough gauze on hand for your recovery before your surgery. You must constantly apply ice to the affected area to lessen swelling and bruising, especially in the crucial first three days after surgery. Between two and three days after surgery, patients frequently describe how their eyes feel tight, somewhat heated, or sensitive.

Some patients feel a little uncomfortable. In addition to over-the-counter or prescribed pain relievers, ice packs can assist to lessen pain and reduce swelling. For pain relief, avoid using aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen, as these medications may cause more bleeding. Avoid taking supplements that could increase your risk of bleeding as you recuperate, such as fish oil, vitamin E, or cranberry extract.

Wear sunglasses

When you anticipate exposure to the sun, you should always wear sun protection and sunscreen. During your rehabilitation, it’s even more crucial to shield your eyes from the environment. The best ways to protect your eyes from wind and sunshine while you recover are to wear dark shades and a hat. Apply sunscreen and adhere to any further recommendations from your doctor for eye protection to reduce the likelihood of future scarring.

Sleep is key

You should try to sleep with your head up above your chest for the first few days following surgery to lessen edema and problems. By raising your head above your heart, you can lessen discomfort overall and avoid facial strain and edema. The ideal technique to raise your head is to prop it up with a stack of pillows and place additional cushions at your face’s sides. They’ll assist in preventing head rolling as you sleep. Plan to get enough sleep each night so that your body has time to repair. Sit down for sleep if you’re fatigued. The ideal outcomes from this treatment require you to unwind and concentrate on your recovery.

Avoid strenuous physical activities

When your body is under too much stress or pressure, blood flow to your eyes increases, which can lead to bleeding. As a result, for a few weeks after surgery, refrain from heavy lifting, vigorous activity, or activities that could physically tax your body. It’s crucial that you don’t make your eyes work too hard while they’re healing. It’s advised to avoid reading, watching TV, or even using the computer to check email for the first week following surgery as these activities can cause your eyes to dry up.

Work with Charlotte’s best eyelift surgeon

The key to a faster recovery is sticking to the best practices after the procedure. Work with Charlotte’s best eyelift surgeon for the best results.

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