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Best eyelift surgeon in Charlotte NC explains reasons for eye bags

Best eyelift surgeon in Charlotte NC explains reasons for eye bags

The best eyelift surgeon can help you eliminate eye bags for a younger appearance

The best eyelift surgeon in Charlotte NC can help keep your facial features looking amazing by getting rid of eye bags. The tissue that supports our eyelids about the time we are old begins to deteriorate. When this occurs, fat that is often restricted to the area around the eyes might move into the space beneath our lower eyelids, giving those eyelids the appearance of being puffy and swollen.

Additionally, fluid may begin to collect in this location, which would exacerbate the edema and puffiness. The shadows behind the eyes may also start to appear due to these enlarged, puffy eyelids. This may result in the dark circles that we detest noticing in the morning. Although they are mostly unharmful, bags beneath the eyes are a worldwide issue that both men and women worry about.

Reasons we get eye bags

Smoking: Smoking contributes to wrinkles and eye bags by causing the collagen and elastin fibers that maintain our skin tight and toned to degrade.

Deprived sleep: Skin cells have their own circadian cycle, according to research, and while we sleep, the skin enters a state of repair and regeneration. Get between 7 and 9 hours of great sleep each night to maintain your skin’s ability to keep you appearing relaxed and healthy.

Excessive alcohol intake: Because alcohol is a diuretic, drinking it causes our bodies to become dehydrated. A hangover may make the skin look sallow, pale, and less pump. Dehydration makes the body cling to any water it can find, which can create noticeable bloating. Additionally, excessive drinking depletes the body of essential vitamins and nutrients required for good skin processes.

Allergies: When congested tiny blood vessels behind our eyes are caused by clogged sinuses, it might result in dark circles or “allergic shiners.” Dilated blood vessels can cause edema, puffiness, and dark circles to appear. Any sort of nasal allergies, such as an allergy to pollen or particular foods, can result in dark circles. Avoid your allergy triggers if you can, and when necessary, get the medical attention you need.

Diet: Maintaining a healthy diet and eating routine is crucial for both our overall well-being and the health of our skin. Consuming too much salt in your diet can lead to water retention and puffiness and edema around your eyes. Eat a diet rich in oily fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds to help your skin by reducing inflammation and free radical damage.

Find the best eyelift surgeon in Charlotte NC

While eyelift surgeons can help you get rid of eye bags, you need to avoid such triggers to maintain a youthful appearance. Work with the best eyelift surgeon in Charlotte NC for amazing results. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.